How computers change us

Here’s a really good article from the Washington Post’s Michael Rosenwald. The article looks at research that is suggestive that we skim more than we read deeply. What effect does that have on our brains? On our cognition skills? One of the money quotes:

“How much syntax is lost, and what is syntax but the reflection of our convoluted thoughts?” she said. “My worry is we will lose the ability to express or read this convoluted prose. Will we become Twitter brains?”

I work with students who are well connected and used to reading–skimming–in short bursts. Is this good or bad or indifferent? Is this simply the way it is and shall be in the future? Is there value to “deep reading”? Should we reward “convoluted prose” by taking the time to understand it, or does that type of work deserve to be skimmed over in favor of better written material?

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