All you need to know about resolving conflicts in eight minutes or less

Gene Roberts, Larry Crippen, and Lee Jay Berman

October is Conflict Resolution Month at Sam Houston State University. This is a time we set aside for us to think about conflicts and how to resolve them peacefully and responsibly. Our theme was Leadership in the Eye of Conflict.

Lee Jay Berman from the American Institute of Mediation delivered an amazing keynote address and provided coaching to members of the SHSU Leadership Academy.

He was highly received. One person commented:

Lee Jay, truly an incredible leadership experience. I admire your ability influence others. Our leadership academy participants were able to immediately put your insights into action.

As part of the month’s festivities, Larry Crippen, the news director at¬†KSAM 101.7¬†interviewed Lee Jay and me about mediation and conflict resolution. You can listen to the interview here: