What they’re saying about Gene

“Gene is a rare example of strong, motivated leadership and is already making real progress in taking our field to the next level.”

-Lee Jay Berman, President, American Institute of Mediation

“Thanks again for your expert work with us yesterday.  Your demeanor and patience made the process work like a charm.”

-Human resource professional after a mediation

“The training today was one of the most relevant, timely, and valuable training sessions of my professional career.  The principles you discussed will help me resolve conflict, maintain a positive learning environment in my classroom, and increase student achievement.  Thank you for coming to share with us.”

-Teacher participant at a conflict-resolution training

“Thank YOU so very much for your wonderful work for us!  I truly appreciate all that you do for our profession and especially your significant efforts to go ‘above and beyond’….Thank you for being a pleasure to work with and someone that I know I can always count on to provide outstanding service.”

 -Director of a mediation unit for the U.S. government

“I mediated a case with Gene Roberts and he was able to help the parties resolve a difficult case involving multiple parties that entered the mediation without realistic goals of being able to get the matter settled. Gene was able to diffuse the emotions attached the the case and was able to focus the parties on making sound business decisions to resolve the case. I will not hesitate to use Gene Roberts to mediate future cases.”

-Law firm partner, author and instructor in continuing legal education courses

“Gene was selected from a panel of several possible mediators as part of my client’s internal dispute mediation program. My client is one of the largest defense companies in the United States. Gene’s demeanor and knowledge of employment issues helped the company and its employee reach an agreement to resolve their differences and reach resolution, instead of engaging in what surely would have been long and expensive litigation. In addition to the all-day mediation session, Gene spent a lot of time prior to the mediation helping the parties understand their interests so that the time spent at the mediation would be productive.”

-Law firm partner and mediator, Texas Super Lawyer, The Best Lawyers in America (Labor & Employment Law)

“I have had the opportunity to practice law with a number of amazing attorneys during my career. One that stands out in that group is Gene Roberts. To this day, I don’t know of an attorney more willing to go the extra mile for his friends, colleagues and, most importantly, his clients. His principled and ethical approach to the practice of law should be a model for all of us who have the privilege to hang a law degree on our walls. It is with great confidence that I refer clients to Gene for representation, as I know that I am placing those clients in good hands.”

-Law firm partner, Texas Super Lawyer

“I worked with Gene on several matters at Bracewell & Giuliani and his knowledge and judgment regarding litigation matters is exemplary. He is a pleasure to work with and always exhibits genuine concern for the needs of his clients. I highly recommend him.”

-Assistant General Counsel at a large health care company

“Gene is a dedicated and business-orientated lawyer who gets the job done. I always enjoy working on a case with Gene.”

-Law firm partner

“Excellent presentation. One of the most useful ethics presentations I’ve attended.”

-Director of a student health center

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